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Helping clients achieve success and transformation through their IT resources
Founded in 1998, Outside the Box I.T. (OTBIT) has had one main goal since its inception: to cater to small and mid-size companies. No matter how large or small your company is and how many employees or resources you have, you deserve the best. With Outside The Box I.T., that is exactly what you get.
At Outside the Box I.T., we believe small and mid-size companies should receive the same level of service and support as all other companies out there. We created Outside The Box I.T. to bring you the finest technology solutions to ensure your company grows while keeping safe, compliant, and nimble. We aim to provide you with top-notch services without having to hire full-time I.T. staff. You don’t have to worry about costs going out of control either, because we create affordable solutions.

For over two decades, we have accommodated companies and businesses from the Mon Valley, Greater Pittsburgh Region, Western PA and the Tri-State area. We have a dedicated team of I.T. professionals who are experts in providing unique solutions to every problem. You will find us to be one of the most courteous, knowledgeable, and professional I.T. services available today.

But what really makes us special? We provide a service that you will understand and value. At Outside the Box I.T., you will know exactly what you are paying for. We will not use confusing tech words and acronyms you do not understand. We deliver solutions in a way that our clients comprehend and feel comfortable with implementing. Our solutions are clear, concise, and simple.

We are not interested in making our services seem more important and expensive than they really are. Outside the Box I.T. represents much more than that. We plan to become an extension of your company and an invaluable asset to help run your business in a smarter, leaner, more profitable way.


“I would highly recommend Outside The Box I.T. In all my years as CEO, OTBIT has been very easy to work with, reliable, knowledgeable and a quick response time is always a guarantee. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Outside The Box I.T. for years to come.“

— Jeff V., CEO (Health and Fitness Club)

“Our company has been using Office 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive for about a year now. I
We enjoy these cloud based programs because we are able to access our files from anywhere and share documents with coworkers seamlessly. Outside The Box I.T. has made it extremely simple to move from Google Docs to Office 365 with SharePoint and OneDrive.“

— Jackie B., Admin (Commercial Cleaning Company)

“Since we started using Outside The Box I.T., we have never been so connected with our data. We like that our information and files are available instantly from any computer or device that we use. Our files update instantly and we always have the latest version as well as previous versions if needed. There is no doubt that Outside The Box I.T. has made our company more efficient and professional, which has improved our business processes.“

— Jerod M., Owner (Commercial Plumbing Company)

"We rely on Outside The Box I.T. for all of our computer installations, service and networking. They have proven to be a vital part of our business, not only in our office area, but on our manufacturing floor as well. They have repeatedly proven to me that they are conscientious, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile."

— Mark C., Owner/CEO (Plastics Company)

"Outside The Box I.T. has worked for us for the last 17 years and continues to support our business today. The only thing that surpasses their technical knowledge is their level of professionalism. There has never been a time that Outside The Box I.T. hasn’t delivered on what they said they would do."

— Denny C., President (Real Estate Developer)

I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. You and your company are truly the best and I will tell every company owner that I know about Outside the Box I.T. Services.

— Dionne Malush

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