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375 Valley Brook Road, Suite 102, McMurray, PA, 15317, US

Phone: (724) 941-1427


"Realty ONE Group Gold Standard is the first ROG in Pittsburgh/Western PA area. With extreme success on the West Coast, the owners have decided that it's a great fit for the renovation of Pittsburgh and what it stands for. Realty ONE Group is the #1 fastest growing real estate brand in the United States. Keeping with the Black and Gold Standard in Pittsburgh, former Chiropractor Michael Hanlon and Graphic Designer, Dionne Malush have partnered to create an enthusiastic, high energy real estate company that focuses on the agent. Their goals are to put the agents in a modern environment, one that helps the agent grow exponentially while increasing the money in their pocket. Mindset and creativity will set them apart in this market."


Realty ONE Group Gold Standard is a great company with great employees. Dionne Malush was my realtor and she was really amazing. The work she did to help me sell my house in the middle of the pandemic was really remarkable. Thank you!

— Kevin Hanley

"Mike is an Incredible agent. He went out of his way to make himself available and accommodate my busy schedule and was extraordinarily knowledgeable about not only real estate but also county taxes and community details which all helped us choose the right house— and at the right price. He listened to our needs, understood them, and efficiently focused our viewings to accommodate. He is a very effective communicator and manages expectations extremely well. Absolute pleasure to work with. He will continue to assist us in future real estate deals."

— Steve Czak

Fantastic leadership and the agents are all super nice and a lot of fun to work with. They listen to the needs of their clients and makes people’s dreams come true.

— Fawna Farrell

Dionne, Ever since I met you I definitely recognize your inner strength and that beacon of drive that you have that probably propelled you over lots of other Realtors. I definitely see that you have the greatest heart also your amazing person I was lucky to find you when I bought that house for my mom. I’m going to get you those 30 listings in 30 days which is your goal. In fact I think you can do 60 listings in 30 days I know you can do it so get on it girl! LOL, I’m so elated I had a chance to meet up with you again … thank you, thank you, thank you.

YOU are amazing! Achievement is nothing to put a veil over, you can’t stop the sun from shining, even though the brightness makes others squint. Keep shining, you inspire me. I applaud you.

I will be rooting for you the rest of my life, you are worthy, you are deserving, you inspire many others and by the way you are great at what you do.

— Matthew Taylor, Realtor, AZ

Amazing Team, Exceptional leadership, Put 110% effort into every transaction for their clients

— Ron Gestheir

“I used to be in real estate for many years. Now that I own my own business, Dionne is the only Realtor I would use. She’s the Realtor other Realtors recommend! And now that she owns this company, you can be assured that all of the agents are just like her.”

— Blaise Chapman

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